2016-Time for the GOP to get serious.

A list appeared online this week of the top 15 GOP candidates for the 2016 Presidential run.  While most are very qualified they lack what it will take to win the election… a way to win the Latino vote.   President Obama received over 70% of the Latino vote for the 2012 election.   While it does not appear that Romney would have won or carried any of the swing states, with a closer percentage of Latino votes,  it shows a growing trend towards the future.  Latinos are the fast growing ethnic group in the United States.  A trend that will continue for decades.
Which brings us back to our current crop of Candidates.  Republicans need to leave behind the old white guy routine.  It worked in the past but only might work in the future.   There are only 2 white candidates that carry any weight with Latinos.  Gov. Bob McDonnell (VA) and former Gov. Jeb Bush (FLA).  McDonnell’s victory path in VA was based on a heavy focus on the Latino vote.  Jeb Bush has a very high approval rating among Latinos as well.

Which brings us to the next crop of options.  Actually picking a Latino candidate.  At this point there appears to only be 3 leading options. The most popular option is Marco Rubio.  The other lesser know options are Gov. Susana Martinez (NM) and Ted Cruz Senator- Elect (TX).   As the vetting process moves along these candidates will rise and fall over the next few years.    Problems exist for all of these candidates.  Rubio has ties to the Tea Party.  Susana Martinez and Ted Cruz are virtual unknowns at this point.  Susana Martinez is the first female Latino Governor in the United States.   Ted Cruz has just jumped onto the national scene with his recent win in Texas.   His driving focus is his belief that the Latino community is very conservative by nature and the Republicans have yet to tap that aspect of the Latino community.

The final option is putting forward a female candidate.  Electing the first female President could be a very powerful voting reason for many people in the coming election.  On top of Susana Martinez, there are other females waiting in the wings for their chance at the top spot.  Gov. Nikki Haley (SC) and Condoleezza Rice (former Sec of State under George W Bush).  Gov Haley shot onto the seen as a Vice President candidate for Romney this year.  Condoleezza Rice seems to shy from the lead role and cherish a more behind the scenes roll.  The other option is Susanna Martinez (NM) who would bring an interesting mix of the Latino and women vote.

There are several options the GOP need to forget.   Chris Christie  is the number one candidate.  Simply put the answer is NO.  It could argued that Chistie single handedly gave the election to President Obama.  One of the leading questions on exit polling was Hurricane Sandy and the way President Obama handled the aftermath of the storm.   Paul Ryan is another name being thrown in the hat.  Ryan ran into problems explaining his ideas and budget clearly.  This will continue in the future unless Ryan finds a better way to explain his plan.  Rand Paul is another option but he has ties to the Tea Party.  The Tea Party scares many people on both sides of the isle political with their no compromise ways.

Those looking for a break in the political election cycle will have to bury their heads far into the ground to avoid the next several years of names being tossed around.

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